Meet NFTsee

We are an in development blockchain platform where users will be able to view their NFT collection in a sleek way, personalize their profile to add a TRUE identity to their NFT wallet and add friends to view and interact with their collection. We are building out our project on bepro.js

See an example of our web-app and mobile UI design of "My Gallery" below.


What are we?

We are building a dapp for NFT art lovers/collectors like ourselves to be the go-to app on web3 where NFT viewing/sharing experience comes together in one place. The app will also act as a social space where you can create your online profile that links with your wallet storing your NFT collection, no better place to flex those apes to your friends. See our roadmap below for more details 




NFTsee is part of the BEPRO Grant Program and we will be building on bepro.js


Project Roadmap

See our roadmap below for an idea of where NFTsee is heading 

NFTsee roadmap.gif


Image by Kerin Gedge
Image by Gilles Rolland-Monnet


An engineer with a strong passion for blockchain tech and very dedicated to help make WEB3 the best it can be.


A bright mind that doesn't give up.
Started many projects and last year discovered the world of BC and fell in love with it, doesn't rest until the job is done.